What is photogrammetry?

The use of photography in surveying and mapping to measure distances between objects. 

  • The object is photographed from multiple angles  
  • Cameras are and object visibility is adjusted   
  • Photographs are compiled to render a computer-generated replica of the object 

In its most basic essence, photogrammetry is the conversion of a physical object to a 3D digital form where the user can interact with the object.  


Scanning an object into 3D 3D model playing on Sketchfab


How do we do it?

The process of photogrammetry is a lot less complicated than it sounds. Our team follows the following steps to render high-quality results: 


  • Measuring the object to ensure that the result is to scale.  
  • Objects are typically placed on a turntable in front of a stationary camera for image capture. For larger objects, the camera is moved, and the object is kept stationary instead. It is important to ensure proper lighting, centering, and focus for optimal results.
  • Images are taken at 15-degree intervals.  Care must be taken to ensure that the object is in focus and centered. Close-up shots of areas that need more detail must also be taken. 
  • These images are then complied with and rendered in professional software that converts these images into a raw 3d image.  
  • The 3D image is then cleaned, edited, and scaled before it can be rendered.  


What is volumetric capture?

Imagine photogrammetry but with a moving object. Volumetric capture is the future of video recording. It enables you to render a video in a 3-dimensional space where the user can interact with the video as if they were a spectator. Imagine being at a concert except not being there, you can move around and watch the artists perform from any angle and distance. The technology can even be adapted to directional lighting and sound. The possibilities and applications are endless.  


How is this different from a 360-degree video?

Volumetric Capture

Captures subject from a spectator’s view.

User can move around, scale, zoom in and out.

Requires a camera array with the dedicated studio.

Capture moving person or object with detail.

360 Video

Captures video from the recorder’s view.

No Depth to the image/video only requires a specially designed video camera.

Suitable for capturing wide scenery