This project is funded by UBC’s Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund. (2020-2022)


This project aims to create three-dimensional resources for academic collaborators and to develop UBC expertise in technological and pedagogical approaches to 3D objects and learning in response to classrooms moving online.


Student involvement in this project has generated unique, advanced opportunities for training in a rapidly evolving field.

The first phase of this project is to capture specimens, creating 3D models for instructors to use in class and students to use as reference materials outside of class. Students from a wide range of disciplines will be provided with learning tools to facilitate kinesthetic, spatial, and structural understanding of objects and systems. By generating a library of 3D objects, we will be able to generate interactive virtual models, 3D printed materials, and other valuable resources for learning in online and classroom settings.

In Year 2, we will continue to offer support to instructors who wish to employ 3D technology by providing a centralized source of information on use of virtual resources and continued production of virtual objects. New projects in Year 2 will also develop interactive 3D models and virtual environments as learning tools for applied studies in a variety of disciplines.