Michelle Huynh


Michelle Huynh

I am a 3rd-year student in the Faculty of Science completing my BSc in the Combined Major in Science program. Previously I volunteered with UBC Emerging Media Lab on MedIT and ScholarsVR. During the COVID-19 pandemic when a lot of the work was remote, I got the opportunity to work with UBC Emerging Media Lab on the 3D resources project!

During my time with Emerging Media Lab, I spent about 10 hours a week capturing photos of various specimens from the Museum of Anthropology to construct 3D models with Reality Capture which I would refine with ZBrush!


Photogrammetry fascinates me because the camera catches features you would miss with the naked eye. One particularly difficult piece was a wooden needle which appears to be quite uniform but has very small markings and even hairs!








I reevaluated my current practices to make adjustments based on the guidelines and advice from past experiences. It is important to capture as many details as possible, which had me changed my initial approach.




After multiple attempts, I came up with a solution and successfully digitized the needle!




These past few months as a Work Learn student is a great opportunity to try out new fields and learn more about the different industries. In the future, I hope to use technology to bring new experiences and learning opportunities to the community.