Hanson Lee

Hanson Lee. 

Hi, I’m Hanson. For this project, I was assigned to work on the optimization process. During my time at EML, I worked on cleaning up, scaling up, and quality checking models scanned by the acquisition team. 

For me personally, one of the valuable things I gained through this work was learning how to self-manage and organise a personal work process for over a hundred models. Prior to this work learn, I’ve never had to keep track of a list of things to do of this size. Learning how to create an organisation system helped keep my work on track as I planned through how much to work through at a time. 

Another opportunity this work learn offered was allowing worklearn students to communicate with clients in a professional work setting. Learning how to communicate with the client for matters such as gathering feedback or asking for specifications has been a very valuable learning experience for me. 

 I’m very thankful for my time at EML as I was able to pick up many skills and opportunities that will be very helpful in any future professional work setting.